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Art-platform "Molbert" - buying and selling copyright handmade paintings, reproductions of the best samples of art, paintings on order, a professional selection of paintings for home and office from contemporary artists.

We really love painting and everything related to it, so in 2018 we decided to share with this love to everyone. Thus, the Molbert community on Facebook and Instagram was founded, in which we are pleased to share with you not only the latest news in this area, but also talk about interesting facts and events in the art world. But the older we got and the more support we got, the more clearly we understood that our community also urgently needed an online resource on which visitors could not only choose the perfect canvas for a gift, interior decoration, inspiration, but and profitable to sell it.

Therefore, exactly a year later, in the spring of 2019, we launched our marketplace for painting lovers. With us, anyone can register and put up for sale one or more paintings. When placing an order, we contact a potential buyer and confirm the order, after which we transfer all the data directly to the seller, and he independently arranges delivery and payment.

All services on the site are absolutely free, there are no hidden fees or other fees. We love what we do!

Everything flows, everything changes, and art is eternal?


Катя Ольшинецкая

очень много экспрессии, характерно и немного дико и ярко , остро !

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