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There are more then 8088 copyright works of modern painting.

On404line-shop «Molbert» is for you to buy and sale of handmade author’s paintings, reproductions of the best art samples, pre-order pictures, professional selection of paintings for home, office, hotel, house, work-space, etc. from Ukrainian artists. You are welcome to sell you picture fast and profitable.

Fast selling of your pictures on Molbert

Art objects are a universal thing for decoration any interior. Original paintings can perfectly decorate not only the home environment, but also the modern office interior.

There are several ways to sell paintings written by modern authors. Mostly friends or acquaintances help who can always recommend the artist in their circles of communication. You can also ask for services from art dealers. They will help to sell the painting at the best possible price, but they will take their share for help in the sale. There are more effective ways by which the sale of paintings is carried out quickly and without large commissions:

  • though online galleries;
  • auctions in Kyiv;
  • development of your own website;
  • popular trading areas.

Online galleries can register and post artist works during exhibitions for free. Also, galleries often buy cheap paintings for “extras” during exhibitions.
Auctions are the most profitable option, in case that the artist’s work may be of interest to certain people who are willing to “argue” for the right to own a work of art.
Your own site is a self-PR and blog, or a kind of catalog. His success directly depends on the persistence of the artist and his willingness to spend time and substantial funds on his promotion on the Internet.

Exhibition of paintings for sale

A true artist will never sell his creation for nothing (only in a crisis situation). But we live in the 21st century, where a similar “hobby” can be kept thanks to other types of work (often also related to art). Almost every artist at least once fantasized about putting a painting on sale. At the same time, the price of the painting would be able to cover all the sleepless nights of work on it and, in general, allow the artist to focus only on art, no longer think about any questions of earnings.

Today you can easily and profitably sell paintings on the Internet. Register and publish your artworks on our website, and we will care that as soon as possible your artworks will be bought by an interested person for a welcome price. Now you can completely concentrate on creativity, and we take care about other technical issues.

New arts during a week: 118 works
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New arts during a week: 118 works
Poppies oil painting
Flowers 60 USD
Heveleva Helen
Heveleva Helen
50х40 cm
More details
Winter night
Landscape 40 USD
new 40 USD
Shatilo Kate
30х40 cm
More details
Animals 80 USD
new 80 USD
Kudlay Vlad
56х38 cm
More details
Disney characters
Abstraction 240 USD
Artemenko Alina
Fiberboard canvas/Oil
90х60 cm
More details
Landscape 20 USD
new 20 USD
Heveleva Helen
Heveleva Helen
20х20 cm
More details
Flowers 90 USD
new 90 USD
Yudina Natalya
60х70 cm
More details
  Hydrangea bouquet
Still life 80 USD
Lana Svitlana
30х40 cm
More details
Still life
Still life 130 USD
new 130 USD
Petrishcheva Dasha
50х50 cm
More details



Total 683 arts from 165 USD


Total 429 arts from 180 USD

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