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Questions and Answers

Yes. Molbert's commission is 30% of the sale amount. A few days after the order of your work has occurred, you will receive a message with the details for paying the amount of the commission.

If the sale took place, but you refused to pay a commission, your account on the platform is blocked and the work is removed from publication.

No. There are no such restrictions on our platform and you can exhibit any number of your works.

You have the right to indicate any cost of your work. The only requirement is that the price of your work on the Molbert platform is not higher than on other sites. We monitor the pricing policy, and in cases where the price of work on our platform is higher than that of competitors, we have the right to remove such work from publication.

After the work order has been completed, you and the buyer receive each other’s contact details. Then you have the opportunity to contact each other and discuss possible payment and delivery options. Molbert does not control this process and is not responsible in case of possible complications in it. We are only an intermediary between you and the buyer.

Sellers and buyers from all over the world are registered on our platform. Accordingly, there may be situations when the customer is from another country. In this case, Molbert may act as a consultant for international payment and delivery. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

We recommend that you work with customers on a 100% prepayment. In this case, after receiving the payment, you send your work to the buyer, after coordinating your actions with him if it does not meet any requirements.

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